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A church is more than a building.

A church is the people who labor together as a group. The church is built with the hands and hearts and minds of the church “family.” Like any family, we share a common heritage.  Each family member inherits the THMC family history and contributes their own personality and gifts.

Tallahassee Heights was started in 1943 as a Sunday School class that met in a private home. Every room in the home was used as a classroom and the housewife would be cooking her Sunday dinner as the classes met. Some of the classes met outside under a young Oak sapling, which is now the huge Oak tree in front of the Chapel.
The congregation soon grew too large for a private home and a church building was planned. To help raise funds, the ladies baked cakes on Fridays, and on Saturdays the men would take them into town for sale. You could say the church was built on a firm foundation of vanilla, coconut crème and chocolate cake! This was just before World War II ended, so flour and sugar were in short supply. The ladies had to be resourceful and thrifty. About a year later, the main floor of the building was completed - it is still in use today as the Chapel.
The stone wall behind the choir in the main Sanctuary was built by the congregation, one stone at the time. A huge truckload of stone was dumped on the grounds and the larger stones were broken up, cleaned and shaped by church members. The stones were actually laid with a little help from an experienced mason.
History is important.  It tells us who we are and it gives us a sense of belonging. The Bible reminds us who we are and whose we are. It contains struggles, hardships, and joy. It also gives us a clear promise for the future, a reason to go forward.


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